Advent Technologies’ mission is to become the leading provider of high-temperature proton exchange membranes (“HT-PEM”) and HT-PEM based membrane electrode assemblies (“MEA”), which are critical components used in fuel cells, and other electrochemistry applications such as electrolyzers, flow batteries, and IoT sensors. Advent is the missing puzzle piece to unlocking the Hydrogen Economy with low-cost energy solutions.

Investment Highlights include:

  • Low cost, fuel-flexible and resilient fuel cell technology – solving the need for expensive hydrogen infrastructure.
  • Developing and manufacturing the critical components for high-growth new energy markets, including transportation, off-grid, aviation, and the Hydrogen Economy.
  • Solving the range and recharge mobility problems with Li-ion batteries given greater energy storage capability.
  • Proven, scalable business model that delivers consistent and recurring revenue, with a ~$100m revenue opportunity per 1GW of demand.
  • Platform technology provides critical performance benefits for a wide range of end markets, with a total estimated market size of more than 850GW by 2040.
  • Experienced management team delivering breakthrough technology in partnership with world class research centers.

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